Provision Motorsports Joins 2021 Mazda MX-5 Cup
 November 12, 2020| 
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Mazda Motorsports is proud to announce a new team for 2021 season. Provision Motorsports based out of Bakersfield, California, which is the only MX-5 Cup West Coast race team, will be running both the Global MX-5 cup and the West Coast Region Spec MX-5 Challenge for 2021. Provision Motorsports is owned by Brooks Leal, age 28, which is the youngest team owner in Mazda MX-5 challenge history. Brad Little, championship-winning crew chief, is teaming-up with Brooks as co-owner of Provision, which is something that Brooks, and team are excited about.

Brooks and his team raced partially for the 2020 season at Road America and St. Pete with driver, Drake Kemper. Joey Atanasio, one of the chosen top 20 drivers for the Mazda Scholarship, represented Provision Motorsports by running a jaw-dropping race which resulted in a Hard Charger for race #1 at St. Pete.

Another addition to Provision’s Race team is Race winning driver and 2015’s Mazda Development driver, Drake Kemper who will be joining forces with Brooks, Brad and team for the 2021 season. When asked by Brad Little why he and Brooks recruited Drake Kemper “Drake is going to be a great addition to the team providing both coaching and driving, but also adding the personality and whit behind the Mazda Emblem, which is what Provision was built on,” he stated.

Provision’s Owners Brooks Leal and Brad Little were asked why West Coast, Brooks stated, “After running a season with Global MX-5 for 2018 I realized that the West Coast, along with me, truly has a special place in their heart for the Mazda brand and it should be represented by the best coast, the West Coast.”

As the 2021 season is approaching and confirmed, Brooks Leal and Brad Little at Provision Motorsports is ready and prepared for this season. If you need additional information, please contact Brooks Leal at (661) 243-7068/Brad Little at (770) 823-6374 or via email






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