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Andrew List

#61 D2D Motorsports


Birthdate: 08/23/1993
Hometown: Rogers, MN
Resides: Rogers, MN
Team Website:



D2D Motorsports

Racing Experience:

Eight years karting, multiple club championships from Briggs to Rotax. Seven years SCCA Club Racing, two Regional Championships. Two years Mazda Road to Indy, USF2000, 2014 Series Hard Charger Award.  One year Mazda Global MX-5 Cup.

Why do you race in MX-5 Cup?

The MX-5 Cup is grassroots racing at its finest.  The teams at Mazda and Long Road Racing have done an outstanding job producing identically prepared race cars and maintaining that parity throughout the season.  Without a doubt, this is series is the best value in racing today.  The support they provided to our team last year was fantastic.  The technical support team members we so helpful answering setup questions and Kenton Koch was a tremendous drive coach.  He helped me find time at each track raced.

Favorite track/favorite corner on the 2017 MX-5 Cup Schedule:

Road America was one of the first tracks I raced so I have an affinity for that circuit.  Turn twelve there is a challenging corner with very heavy braking from the fastest part of the course.  Taking that corner correctly provides the racer with just enough speed up the hill and into turn fourteen.  If you can’t get the pass done going into fourteen, you’ll have enough speed to get the pass done by start/finish.