About the Series

Series Facts

Purpose: The purpose of the MX-5 Cup is to provide an opportunity to compete in similarly-prepared, low-cost cars with limited modifications. It is the entry level of production car-based competition in SCCA Pro Racing.Event Schedule and Format: The 2014 series will consist of 12 races held on six high-profile race weekends. Race Length: MX-5 Cup races will be 45 minutes in duration, unless otherwise specified in the pre-race schedule, Supplemental Regulations, or otherwise changed by the Chief Steward during the course of the event weekend. Starts: Exciting standing starts will be used for all MX-5 Cup races. Competition Modifications: Unless a particular modification, or part, is approved in either the Pro Racing Rules (PRR), or a Technical Bulletin, the vehicle and all of its relevant parts and assemblies shall be stock for the 2006 – 2014 Mazda MX-5 with the sport package and suspension kit. Drivers’ Championship Points: SCCA Pro Racing will award Championship points and maintain the point standings to determine a Champion. Drivers must be classified as a finisher to earn championship points and/or prize money. Points will be awarded to finishers based on the following schedule: 1st, 60 pts.; 2nd, 56; 3rd, 53; 4th, 51; 5th, 49; 6th, 47; 7th, 45; 8th, 43; 9th, 41; 10th, 39; 11th, 37; 12th, 35; 13th, 33; 14th, 31; 15th, 29; 16th, 27; 17th, 26; 18th, 25; 19th, 24; 20th, 23; 21st, 22; 22nd, 21; 23rd, 20; 24th, 19; 25th, 18; 26, 17; 27th, 16; 28th, 15; 29th, 14; 30th, 13; 31st, 12; 32nd, 11; 33rd, 10; 34th, 9; 35th, 8; 36th, 7; 37th, 6; 38th, 5; 39th, 4; 40th, 3 In addition to the above points system, during a double race weekend with two qualifying sessions three (3) point will be awarded to the fastest driver in each session. During a double race weekend with one qualifying session, the Pole Winner for Race One will be determined by the fastest lap during the session, and earn three (3) points. The Pole Winner for Race Two will be determined by the second-fastest lap of each driver, with two (2) points awarded to that driver. Also, one (1) point will be awarded to any driver who leads a lap and one (1) point to the driver who leads the most laps during the race. In case of a tie, the driver with the highest finishing position will be awarded the point. Additional bonus championship point schedules may be added or amended during the season. Ties in the final point standings of any Championship will be decided based upon the number of first place finishes; then if necessary, the number of second place finishes, etc.

Car Facts

Eligibility: The 2006 – 2014 Mazda MX-5 is eligible for competition at 2600 lbs (w/driver).Note: Ballast is permitted to be used to achieve the minimum weight for a vehicle. Ballast may be mounted anywhere in/on the car provided that it does not perform a non-approved function. All ballast shall be mounted in such a way that tools are required to remove it. Holes may be drilled in the chassis and the chassis may be reinforced in order to safely secure ballast provided that the reinforcement does not perform a non-approved function.

Approved Modifications

Engine Modifications: A Mazdaspeed cold air intake system is required.  A turn at the end of the exhaust pipe may be used in order to meet decibel limits.  Drivers are also allowed to substitute spark plugs, in addition to batteries – provided that the replacement battery is of similar amp-hour capacity, size and weight.  Any clutch disc and pressure plate of stock diameter and weight may be used, provided that they are bolted directly to an unmodified stock flywheel. Chassis Modifications: The 3-piece front strut tower brace (p/ns: NE57-56-48X, NE57-56-48ZA, and NE57-56-49X) that comes with the sport package shall be used. Transmission/Final Drive Modifications: The stock OE 6-speed gearbox and ratios shall be used by all cars. The gearbox is a serviceable part. Suspension/Steering Modifications: The MAZDASPEED Motorsports Development MX-5 Cup kit must be used in its entirety.  Double adjustable, threaded shocks are included, as are anti-roll bars and end links.  The end links may be disconnected when rain tires are being utilized, but under all other conditions must be correctly connected to the anti-roll bars and control arms as designed.  Suspension alignments (camber, caster, and toe) are unrestricted within the limits of the unmodified factory adjustments. All cars must conform to a minimum ride height of four inches, measured from the lowest part of component of the car. Brake System Modifications: Brakes must maintain stock brake rotor specifications.  Backing plates and dirt shields may be ventilated or removed.  Lines may be replaced with steel lines, or Teflon-lined metal braided hose. Wheels: All wheels shall be one of the six OE Mazda MX-5 17”x7” wheels (p/n: 9965-38-7070,  p/n: 9965-40-7070, p/n: 9965-45-7070, p/n:9965-62-7070, p/n: 9965-58-7070) or (p/n: 9965-64-7070).Tires: The series spec tire is the BFGoodrich Tires g-Force R1-S (size: 225/45ZR17). Body Modifications: Convertible tops and all attaching hardware shall be completely removed. Hardtops are not permitted. Safety Modifications: All MX-5 Cup cars will run with full safety equipment, including an eight-point rollcage that must be welded into the car.  Other safety equipment includes a racing seat, full-face helmet, head/neck restraint, multi-layer suit, fire resistant shoes, gloves and underwear, as well as an electrical shut-off switch and an incorporated fire-extinguishing system.


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2015 SCCA Pro Racing Regulations
2015 PRR Version 01
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